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We provide repairs to all types of roofs. Infinity Roofing is certified with many of the roofing manufacturers which ensures that the warranty on your roof remains intact.

Here is a helpful list of things to look for that could be causing leaks:

Open seams on any type of roof system.
Flashing around skylights or connecting walls.
Roof Penetrations- vent pipe flashings.
Chimneys- loose flashing or grout.
Transitions from one roof to another.
Doors- The sill of a door leading out to a roof could be causing leaks.
Windows- Open storm windows, in-window air conditioners, deteriorated window sills.
Valleys of a roof section that interacts with another roof section.
Metal edging on the perimeter of any roof system.
The age of the roof.

Infinity Roofing knows that a leak on your property needs to be addressed and repaired quickly. We offer prompt roof repairs for commercial, industrial, institutional buildings, and residential. Whether you have a minor leak to major roof damage following a severe storm, we will professionally and properly, and promptly fix your roof!

We troubleshoot the leak area to determine the leak origin.

We offer suggestions on the best course of action for repair, either by obtaining approval on site by the person responsible for the roof, or by performing a temporary repair and sending a proposal for permanent repairs.

Once the repair is complete, our team leader follows up by sending an email and pictures to let you know what was completed.  

Repairs Done Right